Long Wigs by Revlon

Long Wigs – there’s something special about hair that cascades down to your shoulders.

Revlon offers that look with a selection of long wigs in straight, wavy or curls.

They’re made from quality synthetic and human hair, featuring monofilament construction/and or lace front with new colour techniques and up-to-the-minute styles. Revlon has been creating fashionable, stylish and beautiful wigs since the 1930’s and it continues to keep up the tradition of high quality, elegant wigs and up-to-the-minute hi-fashion styles.

Revlon has a range of ‘Collections‘  with wig styles that are made to give you the natural look you want, with unparalleled comfort , beautiful colours and  at  a price you can afford.

Revlon uses Progressive Colour Technology in its construction process. This means the colour is darker at the roots and gradually lightens as it reaches the end. It gives the colour of your wig the more natural look or your own hair. The colours cover the full range of hair colours from browns and blondes to reds and blacks with transition colours and silvers.

Our long wigs range goes from the trendy and contemporary look to the more  classic style.

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