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Added Length
Added Volume   Easy to Apply
COLOUR SHOWN:  Dark Blonde



Fabulength ™ by Revlon is a ready-to-wear hair extension.

Fabulength is a two-piece, 45cm heat-friendly extension on an invisible nylon band that gives length, volume in seconds and can add colour dimension.

You can wear both or just one. Lift your hair at the crown  and pull the stretchy band over your head. The band allows the extension to lie flat and smooth on your head. The heat-friendly fibre means you can change the look with suitable styling tools.

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  • Type of Hair: Synthetic. Heat-Friendly
  • SizeOne size fits all
  • Application: Invisible Crown Wire Band
  • Type: Two-piece extension  
  • Hair Length:  45cm
  • When applying heat, we recommend using a temperature between 250-275°.
  • Colour availability depends on supply.


Fabulength ™ comes in eight colours.

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