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Wrap-N-Wear by Revlon is a ready-to-wear, wavy ponytail.

This is 45cm of long, wavy curls that wrap around your natural ponytail or bun for a glamorous, playful updo.

The Wrap-N-Wear pony  is made with a three-tooth comb, velcro, silicone lined clips and flexible wire that allows the wrap base to fit securely and comfortably in seconds. It creates a natural, seamless appearance and can be applied to a low or high pony.

The heat-friendly fibre means you can change the look with suitable styling tools.

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  • Type of Hair: Synthetic. Heat-Friendly
  • SizeOne size fits all
  • Application: Three tooth Comb & Velcro
  • Type: Comb & Clips  
  • Hair Length:  45cm
  • When applying heat, we recommend using a temperature between 250-275°.
  • Colour availability depends on supply.


Wrap-N-Wear comes in five colours.

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